Lake Owner – Eagle Creek Renewable Energy LLC


The owner of the Swinging Bridge Reservoir and the hydroelectric dam at the southern end of the lake is EAGLE CREEK RENEWABLE ENERGY, LLC.

The following is excerpted from their web site:

Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLC (“Eagle Creek”) completed its purchase of the 7 megawatt Swinging Bridge Hydroelectric Project from AER NY-Gen, LLC on June 11, 2012. The acquisition complements Eagle Creek’s purchase of the Mongaup Falls and Rio Hydroelectric Projects that occurred on January 21, 2011, creating a 21 megawatt system of five reservoirs and three generating facilities within New York State’s Mongaup Valley. This system produces 55,000 MWh of clean renewable energy per year for downstate New York.

The purchase includes the Toronto and Swinging Bridge Reservoirs as well as Cliff Lake. Located 60 miles northwest of New York City, the reservoirs provide valuable recreational resources for the public, as well as a significant source of water flow into the Delaware River system.

Eagle Creek and its subsidiary company, North American Hydropower, now own 29 hydroelectric facilities spanning five states with a combined capacity of 61 megawatts and an annual production of approximately 220,000 MWh of clean renewable energy.

“Now that we have completed the purchase of Swinging Bridge, we can move forward to optimize the use of river flows and reservoir storage to meet the interests of our various stakeholders and realize the full value of this historic system,” said Bud Cherry, Eagle Creek’s CEO. “This closing, together with our recent acquisition of North American Hydro, further expands Eagle Creek’s platform of small-scale hydroelectric projects and represents an important step in our continued pursuit of high-quality growth opportunities.”


Eagle Creek was founded in 2010 with Bud Cherry as its CEO and Hudson Clean Energy Partners as its founding investor. The company acquires, owns, and operates small-scale hydroelectric generating facilities throughout North America. Hudson Clean Energy Partners is one of the largest clean energy private equity firms globally focused solely on clean energy investments.

The Mongaup River System consists of five reservoirs and three hydroelectric stations that work in combination to use the available water resources from the 210 square mile Mongaup River Basin to provide some 50 million kilowatt-hours of clean electric power for the citizens of New York State and beyond.

The hydroelectric projects operate under three separate thirty year licenses that were issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on April 14, 1992. Toronto Reservoir, Cliff Lake, and Swinging Bridge Reservoir fall under the Swinging Bridge Hydroelectric Project license (FERC Project No. P-10482); a power development with a rated electrical capacity of 6,750 kilowatts and a hydraulic capacity of 1,015 cubic feet per second (cfs). Mongaup Falls Project is the next hydroelectric development downstream of Swinging Bridge. It has a rated electrical capacity of 4,000 kilowatts with a hydraulic capacity of 620 cfs. The Rio Project is located downstream of Mongaup Falls and is approximately 4.5 miles from the confluence of the Mongaup and Delaware Rivers. Rio has a rated electrical capacity of 10,000 kilowatts and a hydraulic capacity of 865 cfs.

SHORELINE MANAGEMENT GUIDELINES (For Use and Occupancy of Project Lands & Waters)

[Transcribed from a brochure published by Eagle Creek Renewable Energy]

These Shoreline Management Guidelines are issued prusuant to Eagle Creek Hydro Power, LLC, Eagle Creek Water Resources, LLC, and Eagle Creek Land Resources, LLC's as co-licenses and are for informational purposes only. These guidelines are applicable to all of the lands owned or controlled by Eagle Creek, including but not limited to, lands at the following reservoirs: Swinging Bridge, Toronto, Rio, and Mongau, and Cliff Lake ("Eagle Creek's Lands"). All parties are on notice that use or occupation of Eagle Creek's Lands shall be authorized only pursuant to the terms of a license agreement that has been executed by Eagle Creek and any affected party. Eagle Creek may charge a license agreement fee of $250 for the first year of the agreement and $100 for each year thereafter.

Eagle Creek may refuse to permit any party to use or occupy any of Eagle Creek's Lands for any reason. In addition, Eagle Creek may remove or cause to be removed any person or property from its lands at the Toronto, Swinging Bridge, or Mongaup Reservoirs, or Cliff Lake, for any reason, including but not limited to, in Eagle Creek's sole discretion or judgment, any use or occupancy that violates or may violate any condition of Eagle Creek's federal operating licenses, or any license issued by Eagle Creek, or any applicable law or other accepted standard.

The above notwithstanding, the following types of uses and occupancies are examples of uses or occupancies that Eagle Creek generally WILL PERMIT on Eagle Creek's Lands as incorporated in an executed license agreement:

      Landscape plantings, provided that no fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides of any kind be applied to any plants or vegetation of any kind and/or on Eagle Creek's Lands without regard to whether the affected plants or vegetation are indigenous or were placed on Eagle Creek's Lands by human conduct. NO TREE CUTTING shall be permitted without prior written consent.
      Non-commercial piers, landings, boat docks, or similar structures made of wood, vinyl, or aluminum, provided that any such structure shall be no more than thirty (30) feet long by four (4) feet wide, and provided also that any such structure shall accommodate no more than ten (10) watercraft, and provided also that any such structure shall serve only single-family dwellings.
      Embankments, bulkheads, retaining walls or similar structures used for erosion control or to protect the existing shoreline, provided that no such structure shall extend more than twelve (12) inches beyond the naturally-occuring average low water line into the water or inhibit public access to the water.
      Gazebos, booths, tents, or awnings. Any gazebo must be contructed of wood and its dimensions may not exceed 12 feet in diameter and 12 feet in height above the naturally-occuring grade where the structure is located. The height of any booth, tent, or awning may not exceed ten (10) feet above the naturally-occuring grade where the structure is located, with other dimensions proportionate to this height limitation, and provided that all such structures shall be of a temporary nature and shall be removed during the period that runs from September 30 through April 30, excluding permanent structures for which a license has been issued by Eagle Creek.
      Security lighting, provided that any such security lighting shall be placed or installed or shielded so as to avoid lighting of property owned or controlled by third parties, and provided that any such security lighting that is not affixed to a permanent structure for which Eagle Creek has issued a license shall be mounted on poles that are not more than five feet high, and provided also that any such security lighting is limted to light emissions that are equivalent to the light emissions derived from a single incandescent seventy-five (75) watt light bulb, and provided that any wires for any such security lighting shall run or be placed underground.

Any use or occupancy of Eagle Creek's Lands shall be limited to areas that are directly downhill, down land, or downstream of the abutting real property that is owned or controlled by the affected person (i.e., extended property lines); provided, however, that in no case shall any person's use or occupancy of Eagle Creek's Lands be directly down land from abutting real property that is owned or controlled by a third party unless such use or occupancy is of a temporary nature and occurs in a public recreation area maintained by Eagle Creek. Moreover, any use or occupancy of Eagle Creek's Lands must be setback at least ten (10) feet from the extended property lines described above.

Any non-conforming structure that was erected on Eagle Creek's Lands prior to May 1, 2004, may be grandfathered from these guidelines at Eagle Creek's sole discretion, pursuant to the terms of an individually negotiated and duly-executed license issued by Eagle Creek. However, any future alteration or repair of any such grandfathered structure shall include bringing the grandfathered structure into compliance with these Guidelines.

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