Working Together to Reach Common Goals

For over 35 years, Swinging Bridge Property Owners Association has represented the common interests of property owners in and around Swinging Bridge Lake. Among our many accomplishments:

  • Communication with local government in order to make agencies and officials aware of our interests and concerns.
  • Representation of our interests at local Planning and Zoning Board meetings.
  • Communication with the Sullivan County Road Department resulting in improved road conditions and maintenance.
  • Communication with the lake owner, about lake conditions and usage of their property.
  • Efforts resulting in the prevention of an asphalt manufacturing plant at the north end of the lake.
  • Pressure brought to bear on several agencies resulting in the upgrading of the Liberty Sewage Treatment Plant, a source of pollutants that were entering the lake.
  • Prevented the conversion of property that was zoned residential to a commercial use.
  • Encouraged and worked with the town to revise outdated boating regulations.
  • Represented property owners with regard to the new shorefront licensing procedure.
  • Developed a mass tax appeal program for members during the dam problem and resulting loss of property values.
  • Worked to re-establish sheriff’s patrols on the lake.
  • Maintained pressure on lake owner to make repairs to the dam so that normal water levels could be restored.


Some of the issues we continue to work on are:

  • Monitoring the water quality of the lake.
  • Continue working with lake owner to maintain acceptable water levels during the boating season.
  • Actively working on developing an acceptable contract with lake owner for shoreline structures.


2011 Annual Meeting

We invite you to join with your neighbors, as it has been proven again and again there is strength in numbers. Our dues are a minimal $50 per year. Please feel free to attend our annual meeting (usually held in July) and to contact us with any questions.

2011 Annual Meeting

Photos: The 2016 Annual Meeting held at the Duggan School in White Lake. Meetings usually begin at 10am with a social time and refreshments beforehand at 9:30am.